ARES/RACES Frequencies

IEMA Statewide ARES/RACES Frequencies

Please implement these in your radios so that when the time comes to serve you will be prepared.
Band RX Freq RX Tone TX Freq TX Tone Notes
80m 3.9050 3.9050 SSB Phone Net (Primary)
40m 7.2300 7.2300 SSB Phone Net (Secondary)
2m 145.6100 145.6100 ILDA
2m 146.5200 146.5200 IL2A Nationwide Calling
2m 147.5250 147.5250 IL2B
2m 147.5350 147.5350 IL2C
70cm 446.0000 446.0000 ILUHFA Nationwide Calling
70cm 446.4000 446.4000 ILUHFB
70cm 446.7000 446.7000 ILUHFC
Note: Operating on Amateur Radio frequencies require an authorized and licensed amateur radio operator. Refer to the Amateur Radio Band Plan and Repeater Directory published by the ARRL for more detailed information.
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